Artexpo New York Testimonials

AENY 2018 Testimonials

  • "I'd like to offer some feedback about Artexpo New York this weekend. My daughter and I flew in from the west coast, mainly to attend the show. The depth and breadth of exhibits was excellent and we were excited to be there. Thank you!"

    Marianne Hardie AENY Attendee
  • "Thank you so much again for such a successful event! We're so proud to have been able to participate and are thrilled with the overwhelmingly positive responses we received!"

    Estee Shechter Blurb Inc.
  • "I want to thank you for the great journey we made together during Artexpo New York. Thank you for all your help, your support and your advice. See you all in Miami!"

    Sissi Chlomisiou Box 22 ArtSpace
  • "Artexpo New York was huge. I was very happy to receive the prize for best fine art photography in Artexpo New York 2018. I loved seeing the response to my fine art photography, specially the mountains and horses series. It is exciting to have come up with an original approach to photograph Icelandic Horses—and be told by many that they can feel a sense of calmness and purity with the photos. I’m hoping that this is just the beginning of a long term relationship with the RMG team. I’m honored to be part of your great group of artists."

    Guadalupe Laiz Guadalupe Laiz Fine Photography
  • "I started exhibiting as a [SOLO] artist at Artexpo New York in 2005. I am now represented by Deljou Art Group here in the United States and in European galleries abroad. You have no idea the role Redwood Media Group has played in making me an internationally known artist, from NY to Los Angeles to London to Paris to Madrid to Sydney to Dubai. Thank you!”

    Inam Ullah Deljou Art Group
  • "Just want to reach out to all of you at RMG to say thank you for a great show. I loved it! And I felt great by the way RMG works, very professional and great feedback from all of you. I really worked the booth, talked to thousands of people, gave out over 650 business cards, and have a huge stack of interested clients to work when I get back. Before I left New York, 3 more paintings were sold after the show, signed a gallery in New York and an art agent as well, all from working the booth. Plus received 10 emails from future clients that appreciated my art. I am so happy."

    Johan Tordhag Rising Artist Gallery
  • "Thank you for having us at Artexpo. We met some great clients and are hopeful we’ll continue to see sales from them throughout the year. Shawn and I enjoyed sharing information about Slim Aarons with the audience at Artexpo and in the Topics & Trends seminar."

    Lia De Feo
    Lia De Feo Vice President/General Manager ‑ Prints, Getty Images
  • "I thank you for all your help. I truly enjoyed exhibiting my artwork at Artexpo New York 2018. I made many contacts there. And thank you too for using one of my images on the website's front page. That was a very pleasant surprise!"

    José M. Fontaiña Rising Artist Gallery
  • "Great show! Many fine artists!"

    Caroline Racond AENY Attendee
  • "Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! We love art forever!"

    Arthur Albert AENY Attendee
  • "I wanted to thank you for including me in the Art Talk with such talented artists as Samir Sammoun and Christina Krusi. I very much enjoyed being part of it. Being part of Artexpo New York was definitely rewarding—I sold three pieces, made some good connections with galleries and interior designers. The Re-Create Collection also caught the attention of a writer who will do an online article on my work. Thank you!"

    Majie Lavergne Majie Lavergne Fine Art
  • "From the bottom of my heart, I would like to thank you and your staff for a wonderful experience at Artexpo New York. I am overwhelmed at the level of art and the joy to be part of it all, including both [SOLO] artists and gallery owners. I am happy to say that I met a realtor/developer who will display all my paintings in her new building in Princeton New Jersey. And I am hoping for more opportunities to come from my long list of contacts. More power to RMG!"

    Annabelle Cadiz Annabelle Cadiz, [SOLO] Exhibitor
  • "Artexpo New York was amazing as usual. I could not ask for a better venue to showcase my work. The staff is always awesome. I brought several pieces with me to the show—mostly my new collection of paintings, a few from my original collection, along with some bronze pieces. I feel my work was received well and great feedback, so I'll be pursuing all of those contacts. I have done the Artexpo several times and it never disappoints—every time I gain more visibility, more knowledge, and confidence that I am in the right place. I love Artexpo! Redwood Media puts on a great show and they are always there to help."

    Louise Cutler Louise Cutler Fine Art Studio
  • "I've been to an expo or two in the last six years of my career but enjoying an art show and showing your own work on the big stage were very different experiences. Instead of meeting artists and gallery representatives, I met people from all over the country and world who flew to New York City specifically to purchase art. I had fun conversations with collectors from Miami and challenging conversations with architects from Bejing. Over the course of four days, I saw hundreds of people take pictures with my piece Left Alone. It is a wonderful feeling of validation after spending so much time not believing I could do this sort of work. One Left Alone was collected at the show and another is on its way to Red Dot Miami. And Aria is being packed and shipped this weekend for its new home."

    Jason Mathias Arte Collective Gallery
  • "Just a quick thanks for helping me make Artexpo New York a reality. It was an exciting and exhausting experience; one I will never forget. It went well. I sold a couple of paintings and received many invitations from other galleries to participate. However, the most amazing plus was the attention and promotion I received from the Redwood group. It was thrilling to have your curatorial staff select my painting, Untitled 17, for Artexpo marketing! I am receiving invitations from galleries to submit work for Art Santa Fe and Spectrum Miami. Also thanks to Mira Fox; she was terrific, competent, organized and made this experience flawless. I look forward to working with you all in the future."

    Carol Carpenter Carpenter Fine Art
  • "I just wanted to say it was a great experience at Artexpo New York that will stay in my memory for years to come. I had a wonderful opportunity to meet with people—from fellow photographers to gallery owners to art lovers. The [FOTO SOLO] Award and the exposure were of course a bonus, which I never expected. Truly encouraging!"

    Rajasekar Alamanda Rajasekar Alamanda, [FOTO SOLO] Exhibitor
  • "It was GREAT!!"

    Greg Concha Haute Living Magazine, Art Director

Success Stories

  • We went to the show today, and it was wonderful. Spoke to many wonderful artists. Sincerely, Caroline Racond

    Caroline Racond AENY Attendee
  • You did such a fabulous job curating the expo. It was very impressive. Highlights for me included: Collazo Collection, Arte Collective, Progressive Fine Art, Hugo Diaz, Stephen Palladino, and May Clemente. Best, Brittanie Burke

    Brittanie Burke AENY Attendee
  • Thank you! We love Artexpo. Arthur Albert

    Arthur Albert AENY Attendee
  • I just want to say thank you for everything. I am beyond grateful for the experience. Thank you for working with me before the show and for your patience. It was also incredible how responsive you were whenever I had a question. Overall, Artexpo NY was just an unforgettable experience. I learned how to present myself and my work to the public. I also found the educational seminars to be extremely helpful! Thank you for allowing me to be a part of an amazing world and for guiding me along the way! Best, Madeleine Cohen

    Madeleine Cohen 2017 LaunchPad Artist
  • Congratulations on the exhibition in 2017. You are a miracle and a gift for us artists. I love you all. Vardan Ghumashyan

    Vardan Ghumashyan AENY Exhibitor
  • Thanks for all your help before and during the show. What an enthusiastic crowd. We got so many wonderful compliments and a number of promising leads with the possible addition of some well-placed publicity in the form of an article or two. You guys did a fantastic job, and I look forward to the next show. Maybe Miami Spectrum. Cheers, Bruce M. Schuettinger

    Bruce M. Schuettinger
    Bruce M. Schuettinger AENY Exhibitor
  • To the entire RMG family: Thank you for everything during my participation in this event. It was a pleasure to be the 2017 Poster Challenge winner. Best regards to all, Juan Luis Perez

    Juan Luis Perez AENY Exhibitor
  • I wish to thank you for the care and friendship you and your team extended to Stephen and me at the show. It was quite the experience, to say the least. We are in the mode of major follow-up and massive promotion since the show ended.

    Pamela Hackley AENY Exhibitor
  • I wanted to thank Artexpo New York personally for giving me the opportunity to participate in Artexpo New York. It has been a fantastic and unforgettable experience. An impeccable organization. For me, it was really important to have been there. Thanks to you, I could meet new people and make contacts. I hope to see you soon again.

    Carol Bellver FOTO SOLO Exhibitor
  • I take pleasure to inform you that our team returned to China last weekend. It was our honor to work with you and Steve. We appreciate so much the kindest concerns and help that you and Steve favored. Artexpo New York was an amazing experience for every member of our team. We look forward to further working with you in next Artexpo New York and your other shows. Thank you again, and please accept my sincere best wishes!

    Thomas Wu Fujian Fairly Foreign Business Exhibition Co
  • Every year, Artexpo New York gets more popular with buyers and more inspiring than the year before. It is a show like none other. Within the first hour of the show opening, I sold more than 50 pieces. 50! Gallerists, designers, and collectors couldn’t stop gushing over our artists' Renato Foti and Lea DeWit's pieces and Ken Rausch's curved copper and stainless wall sculptures. Litsa Spanos, Art Design Consultants

    Litsa Spanos Art Design Consultants
  • Artexpo New York was a success. We had the pleasure to have an amazing team of talented artists that helped us get the Best Booth Design Award. Thank you so much Artexpo! Saphira & Ventura Gallery

    Saphira & Ventura Gallery AENY Exhibitor
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