At Artexpo, we’re passionate about helping artists promote their work and grow their businesses. We think Andy Warhol had it spot-on when he said, decades ago, “Making money is art, and working is art, and good business is the best art.”

In a nutshell, we’re here because we believe artists should receive fair compensation for their talent, and we’re driven to find innovative new ways to make that happen. Here’s a look inside the Artexpo Team:

Rick Barnett

Managing Director – Business Development Group

Owning and operating 6 fine art galleries 1992 thru 1996, Mr. Barnett developed extensive retail expertise in the field of Fine Art. As Senior Vice President of Retail Development for Media Arts Group Inc. from 1996-2004, he designed and developed a chain of 400+ galleries, working with gallery owners and licensing partners around the globe.> read more

Rosana Rader

Director of Sales Exhibitions

Rosana Rader has over a decade of experience leading both sales organizations and teams. Specializing in sales to diverse clients worldwide, she has a proven track record in driving profits. Rosana has consulted for numerous clients, including authors and artists.> read more

Eric Smith

Show Director

Eric Smith grew up riding and racing motorcycles and went on to work for Martin Lawrence Galleries, selling Warhol, Rosenquist, Haring and more. Twenty years later, he’s still blazing trails for artists and the art world. As CEO of Artexpo, Eric is the driving force of creativity behind our business… > read more

Mark Shapiro

Account Manager–Events

As an Account Manager at RMG, Mark Shapiro is responsible for territorial sales, assisting exhibiting fine artists and fine art galleries in all aspects of the art show process. Shapiro is a 2nd generation art professional from a family of New York City gallerists who owned and operated 19 Dyansen Galleries throughout the U.S. > read more

Ashley Tedesco

Director of Sales – Print Media

Ashley had a promising finance career in Silicon Valley in front of her when she decided her heart was really in the art business. As a gallery director, regional director in charge of seven retail locations, and Director of Training and Retail Development for the Thomas Kinkade Company (and a talented painter in her own right), she now has more than 20 years experience in the art world. > read more

Linda Mariano

Managing Director — Marketing

With a career that spans 30 years, Linda is a leader in marketing, brand management, e-commerce and promotion initiatives for major retailers, specialty retail, art industry, licensing partnerships, media and entertainment, as well as entrepreneurial business environments. For Redwood Media Group, Linda oversees the marketing and brand extension efforts of the company.> read more

Stacy Dalton

Creative Director

Stacy Dalton works, dreams and eats design, hoarding brochures, ads and cereal boxes for inspiration. At Artexpo, she oversees design on everything from web content to email campaigns, our Show Guide and office decor. > read more

Rob Hibbs

Director of Internet Technologies

As Director of Internet Technologies, Rob enjoys creating the virtual environment that artists use to promote themselves and gain a cutting-edge advantage in the art market. A web designer, graphic designer, photographer and videographer, he assists the company in a multitude of areas and helps create an innovative brand and web presence for the company. > read more