Featured Artist: Anna Razumovskaya

Known for painting romantic female figures enraptured by music, bathed in light, or simply steeping in their own divine essence, Anna Razumovskaya translates her passion for life and inherent sensuality into artwork that exudes the same.

Garnet Melody by Anna Razumovskaya

Garnet Melody by Anna Razumovskaya

Though she was born in Russia at the height of the Cold War, Anna grew up with an early love of fashion and glamour, thanks in part to her chic mother (her father was a formal officer of the KGB). “I always wanted to be a clothing designer, to create beauty through clothes,” Anna explains, “but this led me to the canvas, where it is possible to both create and capture the beauty and texture of fabric on the human body.”

Bond by Anna Razumovskaya

Bond by Anna Razumovskaya

After graduating from the Russian State University of the Arts with a High Class Artist distinction, Anna traveled to Europe, furthering her painting studies by attending classes and taking private lessons in Holland, Belgium, and Germany. But it was in Toronto, Canada, that Anna eventually found her home. She diligently attended to her craft every day, even when feeling uninspired, building up from small landscapes or still-life paintings to larger works requiring the use of models, instruments, and striking gowns. Success found Anna as she blissfully worked in her lofty, colorful studio, and soon her artwork was in high demand.


Burlesque by Anna Razumovskaya

Anna explains, “I’m so lucky to do what I do for a living, and I am thankful every day that my paintings can bring people happiness, and I can make a living doing this. I will never retire, I feel I have to keep working for the people who enjoy my art. It is the love of my life.” Anna has had personal exhibitions across Europe and North America, and her artwork graces private collections in the U.S., Canada, Europe, and Australia.

Make sure to look for Anna Art Publishing’s Booth #207 at Artexpo New York this year! For more on Anna, visit the Anna Art Publishing website. 

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