Featured Artist: Carmen Stiffelman

With just one look at Carmen Stiffelman’s work, you know that she is intimately familiar with the strength and grace of the human body. Crafting lifelike yet otherworldly figures with bronze, Stiffelman offers a testament to the human spirit with each sculpture.


Carmen Stiffelman – Gemini

Born in Romania, Stiffelman moved with her family to Israel when she was just three years old. There, she reveled in her desert surroundings—sun, sand, exotic music, and all—and began to channel her creative energy into making things. Painting, designing jewelry, and creating floral arrangements offered Stiffelman an artistic outlet as a young woman.


Carmen Stiffelman – SPF1000

Stiffelman later found her artistic side reawakened after working with a physical therapist while she was living in California. The anatomical aspect of physical therapy—the manipulation of muscle and bone, the inner workings of the body’s structural systems—appealed to Stiffelman, and her curiosity spurred a return to the studio. Her manipulation of bronze gives a nod to ancient Greek sculpture yet has a decidedly contemporary feel.


Carmen Stiffelman – Second Genesis

Expressing her inner intelligence the way she knows how, kinesthetically, Stiffelman has created a dynamic collection over the past several years, featuring sleek, strong figures in motion; evocative busts; and sweeping waves. To view Stiffelman’s work is, simply, to be moved by the power of the human form.

Look for Carmen Stiffelman at Artexpo New York, Booth #268.

For more information visit her website here. >

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