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Are you a gallery owner or other art industry professional attending AENY15? If you are planning your weekend and wondering what seminars to attend… Here are our picks of seminars aimed at industry professionals, to help you get the most out of the show.



You’re the Designer! Making Good Framing Choices

Thursday, April 23 from 1pm-2pm | Michael Pacitti

What makes for good framing design? Generally speaking, a beautifully framed piece is part of the decor of a room; therefore, it needs to be designed with the intent of making it an integral part of the room. Creating a well-designed custom frame entails combining components and products to create a design that suits the client’s decor, rather than just assembling parts.

Events! Events! Events! Bringing New Art Buyers to Your Gallery or Studio

Thursday, April 23 from 2:30pm-3:30pm | Litsa Spanos

In a time when galleries are running leaner, it’s critical to find new ways to get existing and new customers to buy art. In this session, Litsa Spanos of Art Design Consultants (ADC) will share low-cost event ideas she has used to energize and renew her award-winning gallery. These inspiring and unique gallery experiences can ultimately help you increase your customer base and revenue.


Go Big! Strategies to Sell Art and Framing Services

Friday, April 24 from 2pm-3pm | Litsa Spanos

Have you ever wondered what it takes to get banks, hospitals, corporations, and the designers who work on these projects to buy art from you? Litsa Spanos, President of Art Design Consultants (ADC), will share proven methods that have helped her land numerous small- to large-scale accounts throughout her 20 years in the business. You’ll leave her seminar with great ideas that you can implement immediately.

Art Talks: Learn Success Secrets from Three Amazing Artists

Friday, April 24 from 3:30pm-4:30pm | Panel Leader: Linda Mariano Panel: Alexis Silk, Lisabeth Sterling, and James Wilbat

In just five key questions, we’ll uncover the strategies and secrets behind the successful careers of three artists: Alexis Silk, Lisabeth Sterling, and James Wilbat of Mattson’s Fine Art. From discussing when they realized art was going to be their career to recalling their first piece sold and why was it memorable, we’ll probe into the pasts of these artists to see what they have done in their careers that made a difference, as well as explore their present-day career strategies and goals for the future. Don’t miss this opportunity to incorporate these successful artists’ business approaches and tactics into your own art business.



Hoops & Pitfalls: Need-to-Know Legal Details for the Art Business

Saturday, April 25th from 2pm-3pm | Jay Landrum and Linda Mariano

Be art-industry savvy! Learn the five must-knows for anyone in the art industry. From copyrights to art publishing, limited editions, and certificates of authenticity—what are they and how do they impact your business? Come to this seminar to find out the critical details.

Insuring and Appraising Your Art

Saturday, April 25th from 5pm-6pm | William Fleischer and Jennifer Garland Ross

Step back and think about the various stages a work of art goes through—then think about what is needed to value and insure the art. With all the locations to which your art can travel, insuring artwork is of utmost importance to all that create, exhibit, and collect. William Fleischer will give an overview of the many options of art insurance and factors that need to be considered in order to treasure and protect those most valuable pieces. And, of course, determining the value of an artwork is key. Jennifer Garland Ross, the founder and managing director of Art Peritus, LLC, an art advisory and appraisal consortium, will share insights on the evaluation and appraisal of artwork.



Gallery Marketing That Won’t Break the Bank

Sunday, April 26th from 10:30am-11:30am | Litsa Spanos

Generate sales, increase awareness, and brand your business as the premier destination for art and framing. Litsa Spanos, President of Art Design Consultants (ACD), will share creative marketing ideas that can take your art gallery to the next level. She’ll share the many innovative techniques that landed her the highly coveted “Excellence in Marketing” award by Art Business News. If you want new, fresh, effective, and low-cost ideas to boost your business, this is the perfect seminar for you.

Your Top 10 Checklist for Understanding Art Licensing

Sunday, April 26th from 12pm-1pm | Linda Mariano and Jay Landrum

To license or not to license—is that your question? Whether you are an artist, agent, publisher, manufacturer, or gallery owner, what’s the potential impact of art licensing on your business as a whole? How do you decide if licensing is right for you? In this seminar we’ll cover where to begin in today’s fast-paced licensing world.


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