Featured Artist: Diego Cappella

Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, photographer Diego Cappella developed an early interest in art; his parents, also immersed in the artistic lifestyle, gave him a Kodak Instamatic X-35 when he was just five years old. He counts it as a blessing that his upbringing allowed him the freedom and space to develop his creativity.

Starting his career in Miami as a designer in the publishing industry, Cappella produced his own publication, DVOX Magazine, and soon branched out into the advertising world, earning numerous awards for his work. Yet photography remained his passion, and his experience in advertising allowed Cappella to nudge his photography more into focus. Just five years ago, he opened his own commercial photography studio in Miami, Cappella Photography.
Encompassing everything from crisp black-and-white cityscapes to blurred, atmospheric shots of polo matches, Cappella’s extensive portfolio shows that he captures life around him with a vivid, crystal-clear vision. Of his Fast Polo series (pictured here), Cappella notes, “The project is not intended only for lovers of this sport, but to a wider audience that can share thoughts from different perspectives … However, I want my work to be an invitation to get to know the singularities of the sport, even throughout its history and its origin, as it happens to ourselves towards the universe. We know something, we glimpse something, and it is extraordinary.”


You can see the work of Diego Cappella at Artexpo New York this weekend at the BlinkGroup Fine Art Gallery Booth #209. For more info, check out his website here.

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