Featured Artist: Peter Layton

Regarded as the “grand old man of glass,” British glass artist Peter Layton is one of the world’s most widely respected artists in the medium. Layton has inspired and influenced countless present-day glassmakers with his creation-before-commercialism attitude, his exquisite use of color and organic texture, and the sculptural quality of his work.


Wheatfield by Peter Layton

“Glass is such an underrated medium,” remarks Layton, with “a fluidity and uncertainty which I choose to embrace rather than overcome.” Still quite active in his mid-70s, Layton looks forward to continuing to explore and create, explaining that “there are always new ideas, techniques, and other challenges to master.”


Nautilus Dropper by Peter Layton

Inspired by whatever is around him, whether it be concrete patterns in nature or abstract concepts facing society, Layton shapes his observations into gorgeous glass pieces, which have graced the collections of such luminaries as Elton John and the Duchess of Kent and can be found in museums, galleries, and exhibitions across Europe and America.


Paradiso by Peter Layton

Make sure to see Peter Layton’s work at the Mattson’s Fine Art Booth #263 at Artexpo New York 2015. For more on Layton, visit his glass studio website here.


Peter Layton working in the studio

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