Ricardo Lowenberg, 2016 Spotlight Artist

Gleaning artistic influence from an amalgam of art history’s greatest painters, Mexico-born painter Ricardo Lowenberg transforms the canvas with his skillful manipulation of shape, color, texture, and rhythm. In his portrayal of the everyday world, Lowenberg transforms scenes of the mundane into spiritually infused pieces of art.

Ricardo Lowenberg

Strongly influenced by the work of Frida Kahlo, Lowenberg uses dreamlike colors, symbolic props, and textural paint application to produce a modern surrealism relevant to contemporary life in Mexico City. In much of his figurative work, Lowenberg concentrates on the human face to capture the emotions, thoughts, and subtle nuances portrayed within the telling eyes of the subject. His still life and landscape paintings portray a post-Impressionist sensibility reminiscent of those late 19th century masters of hue and light, including Cézanne and Gauguin. Using a refined and muted color palette, Lowenberg carefully models the form, to create a surprising canvas that is dually flat and three-dimensional. His work has been collected and exhibited throughout the U.S., Mexico, and Europe.

Lowenberg - From the Bottom of My Heart

“From the Bottom of My Heart”


Lowenberg - Fiesta del Sol

“Fiesta del Sol”

A much-anticipated programming element of Redwood Media Group’s other art shows, the Spotlight Artist Program is being featured for the very first time at Artexpo New York in 2016 and will continue to be a highlight at the show in future years. Ricardo Lowenberg is one of four esteemed artists selected for this year’s Spotlight Artist Program.

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