2017 Spotlight Artist PAUL BRANDEJS

Booth F335
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Paul Brandejs is an abstract artist who works with acrylic and photography on sculpted canvas. By applying a variety of acrylic techniques to photographic imagery, Brandejs combines the best of each medium—the precision of digital photography with the unpredictability and fluidity of paint. By exploring his photographic imagery, he isolates the abstract that exists in nature, then shapes and textures the canvas to serve as a catalyst for a limitless expression of his creativity. By combining multiple components into one cohesive piece, he adds dimension to create a new art form.

Reflecting on his art, Brandejs shares, “My inspiration can come from anywhere. I have been intrigued by the moon and the night sky or the fluid motion of water. Or how the shadows fall to create intriguing shapes in the narrow streets of Florence. I look through the lens of a camera for the abstract in nature. And then I am amazed at their transformation into a new piece of art.”

Make sure to stop by Booth F335 for Paul Brandejs’s Meet the Artist events, Friday through Sunday at 1 p.m.

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