How [SOLO] Launched Sócrates Márquez’s Career—and How It Can Launch Yours, Too

Getting into the art industry takes patience and, for Sócrates Márquez, quite a few rejections, too. In 2012, the primarily self-taught painter participated in his first art trade show.

“I came in as the underdog, with no trade show experience and unsure of how people were going to react to my work,” Márquez told Art Business News. “During the event, I looked at the best artists and asked about what worked, what didn’t. I took all this learning and applied it to my next show.”

In 2013, Márquez exhibited at [SOLO], an acclaimed showcase of independent artists that runs alongside Artexpo New York—and won the prestigious [SOLO] award given at the event. In 2014, he was named one of the top emerging artists by Art Business News.

Today, Márquez is no longer eligible to exhibit at [SOLO]—because he’s represented by a gallery in Hawaii.

“Once people see that you are serious about your craft and that you mean business, then they are more open to having a conversation with you,” he says. “Once you establish that you have a strong body of work and distinctive style, it gets much easier to approach or to be approached by galleries and publishers. I met Harte International Galleries during last year’s Artexpo New York. Our partnership is fairly new. Thus far, things are progressing very well!”

If you’ve been dreaming about taking your art business one step further this year, [SOLO] would be a perfect place to start. Whether you want to connect with trade buyers from around the world, expose yourself to gallery owners and top collectors, or learn how to refocus your marketing efforts and stay on top of art world trends, you’ll find it all at [SOLO].

What Is [SOLO]?

[SOLO] is a curated exhibition of innovative, independent artists from across the U.S. and around the world who are looking to expand their distribution. Over the decades, [SOLO] has become the ultimate venue for independent artists to be discovered—not only by gallery owners and art publishers but also by collectors and enthusiasts in search of exciting new works.

If you’re an independent artist looking to gain exposure for your work, [SOLO] can help you connect with thousands of collectors, gallery owners, art dealers, and shoppers—all under one roof.

Why Exhibit at [SOLO]?

Unlike traditional art fairs, [SOLO] offers artists the amazing opportunity to network with thousands of trade buyers, including designers, architects, art publishers, and gallery owners. That kind of exposure helps not only to sell individual pieces but also to line up lucrative commissions and spark relationships with industry professionals that could serve you for years to come.

“Over the four-day event of Artexpo, if you play your cards right, you can launch connections that will probably fuel you for a good year,” says former [SOLO] exhibitor Karen Kohtz.

Alongside Artexpo New York, [SOLO] features three days of seminars and conference classes, offering expert perspectives on subjects ranging from art and the economy and small business management to art marketing and social media for artists. At each show, prestigious [SOLO] awards are given to artists.

What About Photographers?

If all of this sounds great, but you’re not sure where your work as an independent fine art photographer fits in, [FOTO SOLO] gives independent fine art photographers a platform to showcase their work at the world’s largest fine art show. Now in its third year, [FOTO SOLO] is a photo-focused collection, produced in partnership with Digital Photo Pro and Outdoor Photographer, that features photography from some of the world’s finest abstract, contemporary, and realist photographers.

Designed to broaden exposure for unrepresented photographers across the country and around the world, [FOTO SOLO] offers exhibitors the unique opportunity to connect with thousands of collectors, gallery owners, art dealers, designers, and shoppers—all under one roof. Aside from reaching thousands of international trade buyers, photographers exhibiting at [FOTO SOLO] will also be exposed to a wealth of learning opportunities through Artexpo’s Topics & Trends educational series.

Wondering Where to Start?

Exhibiting at a high-profile art show for the first time can be intimidating—so we’re here to guide you through the process. Contact Rick Barnett at 831-747-0112, and he’ll be happy to help you navigate this next exciting step in your career.

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