How [FOTO SOLO] Helps Fine Art Photographers Sell Prints

Still believe the myth that good photography sells itself? Fantastic photos will generate interest, but they’re much more likely to sell if you take the time to meet buyers and collectors, discuss the work, and entice them to invest in yourself. Up to 60 percent of your business can come from expanding your market reach by exhibiting at art shows.

But don’t just take our word for it. Here is advice from three [FOTO SOLO] exhibitors who showcased their work in front of 35,000+ attendees at Artexpo New York.

James Venuti

Fall by James Venuti

The best way for me to sell my photos at fairs is to let people look through them. Usually, people who are interested will strike up a conversation with me, so I always make myself available but never try to push a sale on anyone. I can talk all day about photography, so I truly enjoy talking to customers. Even if they are not ready to make a purchase, it is still nice to have a friendly conversation.

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Riya Sharma

God’s Eye by Riya Sharma

Making great pictures is just the start of your career as a photographer. Getting them seen and sold, and getting paid, is what makes it all work. Be your own toughest critic. Display only your best work. Emphatically eliminate pictures that are even slightly out of focus, have distractions or lack impact. It’s better to hang five great prints than 15 average ones. Many fine-art photographers introduce only one or two new pieces each year out of their entire 12-month inventory. Think quality rather than quantity. Start small but think big!

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Nicolas Lucociero

Nicolas Lucociero

For me, the best way to sell my photographs is to completely forget to sell my photographs. I know it sounds strange, but my advice is: You should only think about achieving your goals as a creator and artist. Find your own style. Then the purchase of the photos happens almost by magic.

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Are you an independent fine art photographer looking to broaden your market reach? Applications are now open for [FOTO SOLO], a photography showcase within Artexpo New York at Pier 94 this April 19–22.

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