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Been thinking about how to expand your market reach in 2018? Been reading about the importance of art fairs and art shows to the overall art market? It’s nothing to ignore. Sales at art shows and fairs have increased dramatically in the last 8 years—recent market studies indicate it amounts to an increase of 57 percent since 2010. Going one step further, the 2017 Art Market Report states that sales at art shows and fairs can be a significant 50-60 percent of annual revenue.

So let’s get serious! The world’s largest fine art marketplace is about to take place—and you should be there! Celebrating 40 years in 2018, Artexpo New York draws huge audiences each year. It’s simply the best event to showcase your work, gain greater exposure, connect with international buyers, and make sales. Not to mention, Artexpo New York has earned the distinction of being the place that art careers are launched. From Andy Warhol to  Robert Rauschenberg, Keith Haring and Leroy Neiman, Artexpo New York was there to partner with each of them, and is still there today to support and magnifying the very best the fine art world has to offer.

Artexpo New York will take place April 19-22, 2018, at New York’s Pier 94. It’s a four day showcase like no other with three shows under one roof, including [SOLO], the ultimate venue for independent artists to be discovered—not only by gallery owners and art publishers, but also by collectors and enthusiasts; and [FOTO SOLO] showcasing collections of fine art photography by some of the world’s most acclaimed independent photographers.Get ready to realize your goal of building your collector base, connect and meet industry pros at the Topics & Trends education series, and be among trend-setting galleries, emerging and established artists, innovative artwork, and the latest developments in the art world. It’s the not-to-be missed show that 35,000+ collectors, art buyers, art industry professionals and enthusiasts have on their calendars.

Artexpo New York is an art-and-design-packed weekend no industry professional should miss. Be there to be on the frontline of your next business opportunity!
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