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It’s been 40 years in the making, called the “godfather of art shows” by some, and certainly highly respected in the art industry—and it’s almost time for the iconic Artexpo New York to open it’s doors. Anticipating the 35,000+ people that will search the aisles for their favorite piece of art, we wanted to give you a slight head start with three of the most popular artists that will be joining us again this year.

Alexis Silk – Mattson’s Fine Art – Booth 263
The work of Alexis Silk has been called timeless. Working in cast bronze, hot sculpted blown glass and steel, she explores interrelationships of humanity, culture and industry. Thought provoking works emerge from the intersection of her fascination with the human figure, passion for her molten medium, and desire for conceptual expression. Silk is constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible, sculpting her glass figures entirely freehand while the glass is hot on the end of a blowpipe or punty rod. Her largest figures are close to half her body weight and take a team of six assistants to handle the glass while she is sculpting it. While making intrinsically beautiful objects, her figures are an eloquent exploration of objectification of the body and current cultural issues.

Anna Razumovskaya – Anna Art Publishing – Booth 207
With her classic figurative forms, highly acclaimed Russian artist Anna Razumovskaya magically captures the lyrical romanticism of renaissance portraiture, while creating art that is completely modern and original. Anna is inspired by the graceful elegance of the female form, at turns, classically alluring, demure and provocative. Anna’s eclectic mix of experiences has enabled her to create a truly unique signature style that resonates with those who share her passion for life. She is a great believer in art’s power to heal, transform and inspire others in their journey.

Samir Sammoun – Sammoun Fine Art – Booth 233
At his very first Artexpo New York in 1996, Samir Sammoun’s originality and unique style caught the attention of viewers, gallerists, collectors and art lovers. With After that initial discovery, the response to his fresh colorful impressionistic style has continued to build over the 20+ years he has showcased his work at Artexpo. Depicting rich landscapes in his  wonderfully unique impressionistic style, his paintings reflect a tranquil, happy mood. Clearly the artwork of a man who loves life, he says: “I try to make the person looking at my painting feel the color of the sky, the temperature of the air, and the breeze in the apple trees or the wheat stalks.” Sammoun’s subtle touch and rhythmic gesture with his brush, combined with his personal grace and spontaneity, seems to infuse each painting with his personal inspiration.


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