Exhibitor’s Show Planner: 1 Week Before The Show

One week and counting! But no need for nerves—you’ve planned carefully and now you just let it all fall into place. And remember the RMG team is on hand throughout the show to make sure things go smoothly. it’s going to be a great experience—you’ll meet new clients and collectors, you’ll network with other exhibitors, and you’ll learn new marketing, event, and sales strategies at the on-going seminars. it’s all good!

And here’s a comprehensive checklist to help with things to think about and do during and after the show:




  • Be creative and unique in your booth presentation. Make your exhibit display memorable. What makes you stand out? 
  • Review the Booth Display Requirements Course for tips and standard display expectations. Remember exhibitors that have not completed the Course will not be allowed to set up their booth.
  • Hang the work properly. Do not overhang. Think Warhol: Less is more.
  • Post your name and/or logo on the wall somewhere noticeable. Many sign shops make custom vinyl letters that rub on a wall temporarily and can be easily removed without damaging paint or walls at the end of the show. See more on that here.
  • Place brochures and business cards in holders – on the wall or on the table – for visitors to take home.
  • Do not block your booth with a table. Allow easy entry for attendees.


  • Make sure your press kit is available in the media/press room on-site at the show.
  • Be enthusiastic! People are attracted to confidence and a positive attitude. Listen to your customers. Focus on their wants and needs.
  • Smile—and stay off your phone! Turn off the ringer, and put it in a safe place. The person walking by is more important.
  • Be engaging. Ask questions such as, “What do you like about this piece?”
  • Start a conversation with: “Tell me about your collection. What’s your favorite piece?”
  • Ask qualifying questions. Find out who your customer is, who they work for and what kind of buying power they have.
  • Remember the old adage: “You never get a second chance to make a first impression.” Be prepared with a few concise statements that will quickly and clearly explain your product/services. 
  • Have giveaways in your booth. For instance, you could offer a prize of a print of one of your most popular pieces. People come running when they hear the word “FREE!”
  • Be prepared to do home shows. They have a 94 percent close rate. Take the piece they love to their home—along with a couple of other—and show them how it is perfect for their space.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for the sale. (ABC – Always Be Closing!)



  • Follow up! The most important part of any show is gathering all of your leads and contacting them immediately.
  • Send thank you cards to those who purchased pieces.
  • Send an email to your regular collectors with a show special—include them even if they didn’t attend.



  • Results may not be immediate, but keep your faith and continue to follow up.
  • Make sure your brand name stays familiar through post-show press.
  • Create surveys and measure the success of your show efforts. Review your budget plan and make appropriate adjustments.
  • Reflect on the latest marketing plans, products, services and trends you discovered at the show. Use this information to make any appropriate changes to your business and increase your sales.
  • Make plans to exhibit at the next Artexpo!
  • Don’t give up. Be persistent.

As always don’t be afraid to ask questions. RMG has all sorts of information that new exhibitors benefit from knowing. Contact us at info@artexponewyork.com.

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