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Artist Bio:
the journey of an artist in the making……

BORN : September 2006

Artists are born….not made
Nothing can be more apt, to explain the artistic talent of Aarav, than the line above.
Global child prodigy award winner and socially responsible artist, who started painting at the age of 3. Born 12 years. Aarav is a talent that can not be defined in words.

A Born artist whose work encompasses fine textured lines and bold strokes, together with a burst of colours awakening fanciful forms coming from a child’s imagination and inspiration.

With over 500 paintings over 9 years, Aarav harmonies different media, from water to acrylic to oil at the same time migrating from one art form to another, be it painting towards sculpting.

Versatility, spontaneity and command over his strokes are his biggest attributes, with human faces as a field that captures emotions felt by human beings. His artwork communicate not only a child’s view of art but also integrates with variety of expressions at par with established artists.

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