Cheney Farm by Adriana Correa

Booth #1331

Artist Bio:
Adriana Correa is a Colombian artist who has lived in New Hampshire for the last 10 years now residing in the community of Mirror Lake. Adriana was born and raised in Medellin, Colombia with her parents, three brothers, dogs, a rabbit and a little turtle, all of which served to develop her love for animals which is often reflected in her paintings.

Adriana’s sensitivity to the natural world around her was obvious very early on, as well as her infinite love for animals, her attraction for the bright colors and the arts, especially painting, dance and music. These are the most distinctive features of her childhood leading to her artistry.

Was when she attended the school where her interest for drawing was cultivated and further developed when she opted to study Design in the Academy of Arts in her native city at the same time studying Art History.

Adriana was fascinated with the classic painters focusing especially on the impressionists. As a result, she start studying Van Gogh , Monet, Renoir, Matisse, and Cezanne. Their use of colors and the unusual way of representing life was the inspiration for her paintings that always have vibrants colors and interpretive shapes.

Adriana was convinced from de people around her that an artist could not survive from the art and shifted to other professional directions, leaving her real passion as a hobby.

After she finish her art studies, Adriana returned to college to study marketing, finance and insurance. She spent 20 years in this field while working on her art on the weekends, saving some of her pieces of drawing and colorful paintings for her own collection and gave others pieces to family and friends.

In 2009 she moved to New Hampshire. It was then that she resumed painting again, first as hobby which then turned into a rolling snowball growing more passionately in her love and dedication for her art.

Continued working to develop her own style while maintaining her focus on the beauty of the bright colors. It was in this manner that Adriana started painting in oil with her fingertips which led to her discover that this was the most enjoyable way for her to paint.

Adriana has been selling her paintings from her studio in Mirror Lake and believes that she is ready to show her art to the world and to continue painting the beauty of nature and animals utilizing her style including vibrant colors, a sense of spontaneity, whimsy and joy that characterize her artistry.

Artist Statement:
“ There is always something in life that is so beautiful and so breathtaking that makes us sigh.

As an artist, I love to paint the beauty of life in colors and textures that makes us feel that we are part of the painting.

Watching nature, animals in their natural environment, the beauty of a smile, the hugs and kisses of lovers in happy situations.

The love and joy in all things, the beauty of the flowers , the movement of the water, the wind playing with the leaves in the fall or the warmth of an orange sunset in the summer, the cool blues of winter, all invite me to fill my fingers with oils and make them whimsically dance over the canvas.”

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