Il Coralo 1 by- Carlos E. Porras

Booth #252, DW-3

Press Release:

Venezuelan artist Carlos E. Porras M. is known for his paintings that are composed of bright colors, loose brushstrokes and abstract patterns. Working primarily in acrylic on canvas, the artist fills his paintings with joy like the drawings in a children’s book. From carefree animals in a silhouette to moments of complete abstraction, Porras M. lets the work take him on a journey as he wrestles with his emotions and the stories of the past.

Growing up in war-torn Venezuela, Porras M. was no stranger to pain and suffering as a child. But as an artist, he tries to look on the bright side of life. His paintings honor the vitality of life. Bright patches of yellow, red, and blue sing out, signaling a desire for a brighter tomorrow. Several paintings feature a maze of individual marks separated by a solid-color background. These marks contribute to the greater whole like a village of people coming together after a tragedy. Joyous and contemplative, the work of Porras M. shows us the power of perseverance and the wonders of bringing people together.

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