#711 The Other Side of Nature Series by Marco Carnaroli

Booth #252, DW-3

Press Release: 
Milan-based photographer Marco Carnaroli started off as an amateur taking pictures for pleasure while traveling in exotic locations. He enjoyed the process so much, that he became a professional photographer, working mostly in the world of fashion. Today, Carnaroli primarily approaches photography as an artistic medium, eschewing digital for analog photography.

Fascinated by the art of design, surfaces and textures, the artist works with a variety of subjects, from sports cars to reflections in the canals of Venice. He creates compositions that interpret his subjects in original, inventive ways. #192 Light Series, for example, is an photograph of a light fixture that Carnaroli transforms into a biomorphic, animated object whose weight and movement is palpable to the viewer. In #711 The Other Side of Nature Series his camera captures contrasting textures of the icy glass and the delicate rose petals that cling to its surface. The two images are equally dramatic despite vastly different subject matter and mood. Carnaroli exhibits widely. His works are held in private collections throughout the world.

Contact Info:
Website: http://www.agora-gallery.com

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