Stripes by Moving Elephant by Mark

Booth #252, DW-3

Press Release:

Moving Elephant by Mark is a photographer of the urban experience. Focusing the camera’s lens around the globe, from Marrakech to Johannesburg to New York, Moving Elephant by Mark captures the scenes and structures glimpsed from the corner of one’s eye, but which are not less representative of the human experience for their rarity. Moving Elephant by Mark tends to portray isolated figures with a melancholic relationship to the city around them. Along with this, they also capture moving portraits. Like stills from a silent film, these portraits have a universal quality about them: the viewer comes to know an individual less than he comes into to a better understanding of the universal principles underlying human society.

Moving Elephant by Mark is a storyteller. Some works detail the architecture of a city, carefully capturing the invisible masses of people who swarm its streets and occupy its buildings, while others are portraits, often highlighting beauty and femininity. Both allude to the thoughtful narratives that comprise these figures and places. The glance captured by the photos takes in an entire history, condensed into space of an instantaneous moment.

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