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Alex Sher is an underwater fine art photographer from Los Angeles recognized as a prolific underwater wildlife photographer. A decade ago Alex transitioned into the rare at the time form of underwater fashion and art photography, which instantly heralded him to worldwide acclaim. His award winning photographs have been exhibited in world greatest museums and galleries, published in photo books and magazines.

Alex was born in Kiev, Ukraine.
Completed MS in Molecular Genetics in Novosibirsk, Russia.
Moved to USA in 1995.

Additional Info:
Once upon a time, when wheels were made of stone and phones were wired, lived my grandma. I loved my grandma and loved her stories about people and places she remembered. There was one story about a photographer. There was no name, just a guy who could make any woman look beautiful with his camera. I envied him. I wanted to be this guy. I wanted my grandma to say that about me some day.

A lot of time has passed. I’ve travelled the world, changed jobs and cameras, taken pictures of unbelievable people, places, and things. But through all the life’s journeys I am in pursuit of beauty. I want to hear some day: “He can make anybody beautiful with his camera”.

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