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Artist Bio:
Themes of Rhythmic Color

Andy Habib has been creating art since his childhood; an artist that understands the fundamental relationship between the viewer and the art, light source and perspective. From pencil sketches to murals, classic oil paintings, to bright images in acrylic, Andy is a multifaceted artist delivering inspiration with his exploration of themes.

His passion for painting is evident in the themes of rhythmic color and sometimes, a sense of organized deconstruction. Constantly challenging himself by using contrasting elements to create tension, yet beauty; warm colors juxtaposed with coolness, smooth surfaces intertwined with textural energy.

His process of painting, layering, scraping and composing, leads to the exploration of abstracts, wildlife and figurative paintings… all culminating in harmonious beauty and order.

A graduate of the Montreal Academy of Fine Art, Andy enjoys a career in art direction and marketing where his artistic sensibilities amplify the dynamics of business.

Additional Info:
“The light in Paris is unique!
The limestone Haussmanian building facades reflect light in such a way that it imparts a warm overall glow to the city. This warm light, especially an hour before sundown, inspired me in the creation of this abstract. I wanted to capture this unique light, and I liked the idea of the abstract buildings juxtaposed with a recognizable and iconic building like the Eiffel Tower. “

Contact Info:
Instagram: @andy_h_art

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