Metamorphosis by Anna Voloshko

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Artist Bio:
Anna Voloshko was born in 1974 in Kiev.
1985-1992 – Republic Artistic School Taras Shevchenko.
1992-1998 – National Academy of Depictive Art and Architecture, the department of sculpture. Workshop of Prof.I.V. Makogon, Prof. V.V.Shvetsova.
From 1997 – member of the Youth Association of the National Union of the Artists of the Ukraine.

Personal exhibitions:
1999 – Gallery “Irene”, Kiev, the Ukraine.
2001 – Union of the Journalists of the Ukraine, Kiev, the Ukraine.
2007 – Supreme Soviet of the Ukraine, Kiev, the Ukraine.
2008 – Museum “Dukhovny skarby”, Kiev, the Ukraine.
2009 – Republic Exhibition “Christmas -2009”, Kiev, the Ukraine.
2010 – “Large Salon of Sculpture -2010”, Kiev, Ukraine
2011 – “By the hands of man on the Earth and in space”, the Center of Russian Culture Budapest, Hungary
2012 – “Promenade Without Umbrella” – the gallery “Art Hall”, the fund for the assistance of the art development Kiev, Ukraine
2012 – the group exhibition “Treasury court”, National Bank of the Ukraine 07.05.2012 – personal exhibition during the prize presentation on National Ukrainian Competition “Best Interior Design of the Year” Kiev, gallery “M-17”
2012 – Personal Exhibition, Dier, Hungary
2012- personal exhibition for the reward ceremony of the magazine “House and Interior Design” , commercial center “Mystetsky Arsenal” (Art Arsenal)
2013 – individual exhibition « Jam session», auctions house “Euro Art”, Kiev, Ukraine
2013 – presentation of the author urban sculpture «Хозяюшка» (Little helper) in outlet-town “Manufactura”, Khodoseevka, Kiev region
2014 – presentation of author urban sculpture “Time of the speed” in outlet-town “Manufactura”, Khodoseevka, Kiev region.
2014 – Individual exhibition “Transformation” in art-gallery “Manufactura”
2015 – ArtExpo 2015, New-York USA
2015 – Anna Voloshko has been recognized as one of Top artist 2015 by “Art Business News”
2015 – Spectrum Miami 2015, Miami USA
2016 – art-solon “Art in interiors” Kiev, Ukraine
2017 – exhibition “Melange of Milieu” Agora-gallery, New York, USA

Since 1996 to the present time Anna participated in more than twenty group exhibitions. The works of Anna Voloshko are found in the private collections of the Ukraine, USA, Germany, Russia, Switzerland, Hungary, Poland, and Italy.

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