M'mmm Good by Milessa Murphy

Booth #171

Artist Bio:
My passion for history has influenced me such that I incorporate historical detail into my series. The magical reality of the past is far removed from the mundane truth of my West Texas upbringing. My paintings are like writing a story only with strokes of bold color. Collectors are amused by the narratives, so I include a short story with each of them. The narrative begins with “What was I thinking?”

I am currently working on a series called, Dreamscapes (c. 2017). They are impressionistic paintings that incorporate a dab of fiction, maybe some facts, a bit of humor, and a lot of color to create visible thinking in a world where there is little time to daydream. They are energetic and quirky with clues to a playful story.

I am dedicated to my work and that work is contained within the four corners of my canvas. My friend and soulmate Claude Monet who, although dead in this world is alive in my heart, said you need three things to be a painter: an iron will, the ability to work like a locomotive, and indifference to everything but the canvas. These traits I possess in abundance.

As a professional artist, I paint all day long in my studio or en plein aire with no phones or interference. Painting is my profession and passion. I need this solitude and I value it. But, my intent and the execution of my art are not for my sole enjoyment but for the enjoyment of others. I create it to be valued and appreciated. The aim is to be transported into a colorful, energetic and happy place, create inspiration, and educate on the subject matter. My works are intended to instigate a worthwhile dialogue between those enjoying it. As a painter, this is how I speak.

Additional Info:
About this piece:
Warhol said of Campbell’s Soup, “I used to have the same lunch every day, for 20 years, I guess, the same thing over and over again.” Warhol’s use of iconic ideas was genius and I admire him for that. The musical score within this piece is the playful jingle “M’mm m’mm good, m’mm m’mm good, that’s what Campbell’s soup is, m’mm m’mm good!”. Warhol lived in a time of artistic change from the 50’s couture to the dawning of pop-art then graffiti but I’m glad some things don’t change…like Campbell’s Soup.

This painting is a collage of his m’mmm good idea!

Contact Info:
Website: http://www.Milessa.com

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