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Artist Bio:
Niru Sibal, Dubai base artist.

Just as the cactus plant has the ability to survive in the harshest of environment and produce the most beautiful of flowers so also my painting reflects life challenges that I have overcome and evolved to be the person I am. My work compares the beauty of life with my trials and reflects on my emotional and spiritual development through these experiences. Experiences that I have embraced as learning towards my growth as a person. Discovering insights about myself, and increasing my sense of well-being allows me to focus on my inner-experience.

My work is a visual diary of my life. It is a journey of self-discovery and self-healing. Thus, the theme ‘Looking within’ was conceived. My paintings are full of symbols; each symbol has a specific connotation to my life’s journey, the cacti symbolizing my ability to survive in the harshest of environment. It is prickly and tough on the outside but soft and moist in the inside, it also produces the most beautiful of flowers. A life giver for the inhabitants of the desert. The cacti also represent the dominance of male personality that has been overwhelming through my life. Most of my work have images of kingfisher (birds) they symbolize naivety of childhood and hope. The flowers are a representation of the beauty of life and wonderful experiences I have had through this journey. The ‘hukka’ used in my paintings symbolizes living. Breath comes and goes and we don’t even realize when it is time to go, most of us are still figuring our life. 

My process involves taking reference photographs, sketches ideas, researching artists that inspire me, I develop concrete ideas working with Photoshop, layering images and experimenting with compositions. Each painting is developed with a critical analysis of composition, color, texture and value. The focal point, which usually is myself, is emphasized by edge control, value contrast and scale. The color pallet is generally limited which helps me in creating the mood and keeps aesthetic balance within my work. My intent is for the viewer to connect with my work at a personal level.

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