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Parth Kanhai

Parth always believed in a saying ‘Carpe diem’ and tries to make them believe by his art. 

Parth Kanhai ( Born in Vrindavan, 1991) who has grown up with his mischievous memories, with the fascination for colors , with tradionalism and love towards almighty left him today with just a gift. He has showed penchant for art from a very young age. He became an  apprentice to his Grandfather Kanhai Chitrakar as well as he inherited strokes from his father Govind Kanhai and yet he diversified his work with a glance of modish art. Continuing a legacy which was started 62 years back with this beautiful journey, with the delighted privilege and passion makes him more deferential. His inspiration resides in his own family which inspired him to be prowess to create an artistic fancy. In today’s world where art of bygone eras are vanishing he uses his spell of imagination to relive them by his vision.  His unparalleled power of observation shows the thirst for learning an art. His passion runs towards discoveries to establish him in the history of art.

Kanhai Arts announced its virtuosity by exhibiting it, auctioning it and showcasing the masterpiece on the walls of corporate leaders like Ambani, Birla, actors like Amitabh Bachchan, Sanjay Dutt, Political leaders like LK Advani, Indira Gandhi, Amar Singh. The artists has created a wealth by different styles of art by counting among the most admired and respected piece of art by connoisseurs and collectors. This brand was made by luxuriousness and desire.

His one of the best saying to introduce his imagination is by ‘My work defines me so as I define my work’.

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