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Artist Bio:
Pooja Bansal
The creator of these exquisite pieces is Mumbai based artist Pooja Jain Bansal who originally hails from the historic city of Delhi. She is a determined, self-trained artist, who excels in an unconventional style of painting and an inclination towards exploring mixed media art, which sets her work apart. Her innovative fusion art works and wooden restoration pieces created using a range of art forms and mediums, helps her narrate intriguing stories of varied cultures, people and places in alluring ways.

The amalgamation of old and antique aspects of a wood with modern innovative outlook and effective restoration using Mixed media art form and varied artistic mediums, compels viewers to travel back in time.

My signature work is fusion art on doors and windows. The choice of doors and windows is inspired by their very symbolic nature of opening up to newer avenues. They have a spiritual meaning of opening one’s mind and soul to connect with the world on the other side. These vintage style doors and windows can be used as wall paintings, or be used to style utility products like actual doors and windows, cabinet doors, room dividers, etc.

I use a mixed palette of styles and mediums, keeping the balance subtle and flawless. And although I have worked with a wide variety of elements and materials, I have a special affinity towards earth-based mediums like wood, paper, and metal. The ordinary elements of nature being the canvas, the beauty and feel of every art piece turn out distinct.

Antique’s is an art venture aimed at creating a unique and exquisite piece of art on wood for you. My concept of Modern Restoration is recreation of old ideas and manifesting them into Modern style Fusion piece.

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