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Rohit Zaveri is an is an award-winning artist, 8 Various Awards Including National Awards for Excellence in Graphics (from DAVP) in 1983.

1949 at Palanpur, North Gujarat. B. A. (Fine) Painting 1970 and Post Graduate Diploma in Painting under Shri KG Subramanyan 1973.

14 Solo Shows, 10 Group Shows, 14 Events Participation, 3 Camps.

Can an artist’s work become his Signature ? A big NO from Rohit Zaveri
Surat based artist Rohit Zaveri works from Surat and Ahmedabad. This passionate painter loves to innovate various materials as art forms. Rohit used to paint and draw right from his childhood. He is a full time thinker and keeps on innovate his thoughts. In his early days he painted ‘Neo-realism’ and Paintings on current political satire. He follows his visual reveries and creates things which cannot be contemplated. Most of his works does not portray any particular forms but they are purely articulated abstracts which comes from his deep thought process.

To name a few, his previous series of works are Metamorphosis, Moods of Clouds, Aastha Sutra, In-search of Soul & Break-Through.

It was mid of 2019 that called for his most creative and imaginative series named  ‘Unknown Planet’. The series draws its inspiration from a spiritual and divine journey. ‘As narrated by Rohit Zaveri,’ it is a journey of his travel into the universe with his beloved wife, a few seconds before she left for heavenly abode. Some may call it a dream, some may address it as a fantasy. To him, it was an inspiration and inception. Inspired of their journey to the ‘Unknown Planet’, Rohit Zaveri enunciates a new series of art works

Interpreted and translated through colours, surfaces and textures, the series will make us dive into moods and migrate in zones.

“To the planets unknown, to the ones he has known, Alluring us to believe these are his own.”

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