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Artist Bio:
Sastry Sanyasayya an avid traveler draws his inspiration from nature and his core being. His experiences of life, as such are deep and intense. He represents the free spirit who is restrained by his circumstances. He transcends the mundane through his creativity and finds immense joy while executing his paintings. Fond memories of journeys made inside and outside both merge and manifest harmony on the canvas.

It is surprising to see artists who have not been to any art school, yet create wonders on canvas. That’s how art works of Sastry Sanyasayya look remarkable. The paintings of his dipect various moods and his works appear unique every time the artist picks a different brush strokes. The colors are all of Nature in shades of aquamarine, jade, russet and scarlet. The lines are smooth and amalgamate to create pieces that call for attention. The Artist brilliantly uses several colors to create a catalytic piece and creates a symphony. It’s the essence of heaven that the artist has captured between the sky and the earth.

A look at his paintings compel the viewer to believe that art is not something remote, but life itself and painting is a spiritual activity like meditation. Portraying nature is portraying life as a means through which inner consciousness dwells and finds a place in absolute bliss. His works are rich in textural juxtapositions that spread throughout the picture surface. The manner in which he balances the space infuses a sense of harmony into his works.

My works are in the Collection of the Office of the Director General of Police, TS., Hyderaba

Birla Group of Industries and in many private collections in Lucknow, New Delhi, Australia, Turkey and Ireland, Oslo, Norway and in Paris.

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