Foglia Oro II by Luca Bornoffi

Booth #408

Artist Bio:
Luca Bornoffi was born in Mantua in 1980, he grew up in the countryside amongst horses and was constantly taken by the ever flowing motions that surrounded him. Throughout school he never paid attention in class, and instead filled his notebooks with sketches, inspired in part by what he saw beyond the classroom window, knowing that his genuine passion was art.

Luca’s artistic journey began as a completely instinctive feeling; through his work Bornoffi strives to express the imperfections of life utilizing colors as the ideological source of serenity and joy. His curiosity and desire to discover and observe diversity, took him on numerous travels in more than 30 countries, throughout Europe, the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and more recently Asia, Central and South America.

In part thanks to his extensive travels, he began to think more frequently about striking colors, pushed by the idea that they have the power to instill exhilaration, light-heartedness, escapism and well-being. Faced with all these notions Luca conveys all his concepts and emotions onto the canvas, where he materializes these feelings through his creations.

Luca Bornoffi currently lives and works in Italy.

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