Barsana Man by Miguel Salas

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Artist Bio:
Miguel Salas is Travel Photographer and Filmmaker born in the Island of Enchantment, Puerto Rico. It was only natural that his upbringing among the historical and cultural richness of this Caribbean island will have an impact and creative influence in his life. This, along with his early professional career in television and broadcast production as a News Photographer and Broadcast Technician for ABC, Telemundo, Univision, The Golf Channel, among other television networks, would help spark the flame of his artistic career.

When he then ventured to the seven seas as Head Broadcast Technician for Royal Caribbean Cruise lines, a whole new world opened for Salas. His travels became more than journeys for work, the constant change of scenery and close engagement with different countries and societies inspired Miguel to tell his story through his eyes and the lens of his camera.

Salas is an adventurer at heart; one of his passions is to see the world, to grasp everything through his photography hoping to capture the human experience and inspire others to see life as he does. Through his work, he strives to enhance the delicate beauty of each fleeting moment, whether it’s exploring or participating in world famous events, such as the spiritual Holi Festival in India.

He has learned, most importantly, that language is not a barrier for friendships or human connections. These lessons and the incredible diversity of traditions, is exactly what he hopes to express in his work.

Miguel Salas currently lives and work in Miami, Florida.

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