What's Your Flavor by Marcela Solana

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Artist Bio:
Marcela Solana is an up and coming Mexican artist known for her playful use of acrylics. She combines an array of aesthetics and techniques to create bold and almost hypnotic works, by portraying intricate images in this particular style, she hopes to inspire a more conscious contemplation and in depth look at everyday objects.

Solana has been the recipient of a bronze medal by the “Mérite et Dévouemnet Français”, this organization founded in 1957, encourages and recognizes those who contribute to the prestige of France in the fields of culture, arts, letters, science and sport. She has also been featured on multiple publications including British GQ, The World of Interior UK, House and Garden Magazine and House of Coco among others.

Everything she creates, she does to share with the world. For Marcela, there is nothing more gratifying than the feeling of having people connect and enjoy her artworks; their expressions and reactions are an immense source of inspiration. Her mission is for each piece to provide an escape from the possible difficulties of daily life, and that for a moment; the viewer can find a ray of light, peace and color.

Bringing a smile to someone’s face means everything to her. “What breaks my heart the most is to see a world filled with hatred and pain. The world needs more light, more color, and more love … in every way.”

Marcela currently live and works in Guadalajara, Mexico.

Contact Info:
Website: http://www.artecollective.com

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