Urban Rainbow by John Mazlish

Booth #408

Artist Bio:
John Mazlish’s artistic passion involves revealing the unique beauty found in the most simple moments and places. He often sees in a painterly way, having inherited an acute awareness of color, shape, mood and light from his beloved mother, who was a renaissance woman of many talents.

John began his creative career as a musician, playing guitar and singing in local pubs, as well as booking and hosting an original music show. The moment he picked up his first camera, Mazlish intuitively felt a connection between music and photography. For him, creativity originates from one inner source, yet the expression of that creative energy can take multiple forms.

Photographing local New York City musicians was a natural starting point for his career, and eventually expanded his work to include shooting a wide range of portraiture and social happenings. Regardless of the subject matter, John’s goal has always been to impart an element of freshness, spontaneity and risk taking to the creative process.

John is natural born adventurer/explorer, and as such he seeks to reveal unique elements of light, water, beauty and seasonal changes in a variety of environments. Simply stated, his goal is to help bring a sense of peace, color and beauty to the places where we live, work and exist.

John Mazlish currently lives and works in Brooklyn, New York.

Contact Info:
Website: http://www.artecollective.com

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