Libertad by Fernando Marquez

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Artist Bio:
Fernando Marquez’s work is based on precision and sensibility, although his fervor for liveliness and color is undeniably evident, it all translates into his profound passion for painting. In his works abstractions can be appreciated through geometry, seen in the in the synergistic relationship between form and color.

Fernando was born in Venezuela, where after a successful career as a recognized architect in Caracas and Maturín, he decided to fully dedicate his professional life to the fine arts. This journey and process has been long coming, first taking shape during his early youth, developing through his teenage years, and standing firmly today were we can appreciate the conceptual depth and maturity of his works.

Marquez was trained by renowned Venezuelan Masters of Fine Art, such as Pascual Navarro and Pedro Centeno Vallenilla, but is unmistakably clear that his structured and spatial vision as an architect takes preeminence. All has paved the way to give his work a more defined sense towards pure geometrism, where reality, mathematics and geometry come alive to give birth to a new purpose. This has been the base of his Fibonacci Series, giving homage to the Italian mathematician who conceived the numeric relation that bears his name.

Color, geometric planes and vibrancy have a leading role in the work’s creation. Each figure is distinctively highlighted by a particular color and in other cases by shifting the tonality or drawing prevailing black lines.

He harmonizes vibrant colors and intensity to give an innate sense of rhythm and luminosity in the composition of each piece. This was influenced by his childhood memories of accompanying his father, a professional typographer, to work where he witnessed how pure colors were poured into the machines creating strong contrasts.

Fernando Marquez currently lives and works in Miami, Florida.

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