The British Pound by Grant Rosen and Michaela Kuechenhoff

Booth #271

Artists’ Bio:
Grant Rosen and Michaela Kuechenhoff are fine artists from Los Angeles, California. Their works are featured in fine art galleries, design spaces and Tv and Film throughout the U.S, as well in Tokyo (Japan), Australia and Dubai.

As mixed media artists they each bring their own unique perspectives and visions to the art pieces created together or separately.

Additional Info:
ALL originals are created on papers up to 149 years old. Papers saved from water damage, fire damage and spine broken books all over the U.S. They then match the words to the images and the images to the paper, so each art piece is truly unique and one of a kind collectable from 8x10s to 33 x46 in size framed or unframed. This piece in particular is done with chalk, charcoal, pastels, acrylics and art glitter.

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