The Only 6 in The World by Kumiko Mametsu

Booth #278A-E, 288, 278A-E, 288

Artist Bio: 
b.1984, Fukuoka, Japan
Hexagon artist

I am strongly attracted to hexagons for both their stability and potential. And so, in three unique works composed of hexagons in primary and vibrant colors, with the added element of numbers, I endeavour to depict the symbolic beauty of nature.

Hexagons are ubiquitous in nature: DNA and RNA (pyrimidines), snow crystals, water molecules and the dragonfly’s compound eyes are typical examples. The hexagon most representative of nature, however, is perhaps the honeycomb. Flexible, strong, and absorbing sound and shock, it is a common and ideal structure for house walls, wings, wall materials of airplanes as well as satellite material orbiting our planet.

Turning now to my color and numerical usage. By using primary colors, my attempt is to convey the fundamental life force. Numbers, of course, are the most familiar symbols in our lives and are used in these works to represent the relationship between humans and nature.

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