Oblivion by U Kaneko
Booth #278A-E, 288, 278A-E, 288

Artist Bio: 
Blue Monochrome Artist

I depict idea of society and humanity through my blue monochrome works.

When my first art mentor asked me my favorite color, I answered blue without thinking. Since then, I have been interested in blue in two aspects of phenomena. Its aspect of social phenomena is the most popular color for sales in the world, makes people secure feeling and decreased appetite. Another aspect of physiological phenomena is an effect to activation of serotonergic nerve found in a research.

Since “an idea that continues to influence people beyond the times” is my definition of art, I believe creation of new education field and social movements which are both intangible intellectual properties is included in the definition. Therefore I also working on and introduce them to people.

Contact Info:
Website: http://www.artrates.net

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