Izavera by Nikugus Otaro

Booth #278 & #288

Artist Bio:
The “NIKUGUSO” in “NIKUGUSOOTOME” is the artist’s name. “NIKU” is often directly translated to “meat,” but it can also mean “body,” or “what makes up a body.” “GUSO” means “excrement.” Humans eat to put meat on their bodies and then we defecate. The excrements return to earth and fertilize the food we eat. So, “NIKUGUSO” is a term for “Human” that accounts for nature’s cycles.

“KAWAII” is now widely understood as another word for “cute” through its popular usage in pop-culture and social media. “OTOME” usually refers to young or unmarried women, but its main definition is “a person with a pure heart who is moved by kawaii things.” I believe that “OTOME” is the feeling of getting excited by seeing “KAWAII” and that it exists in everybody’s hearts.

“NIKUGUSOOTOME” is a message for all people who are trying to own the pureness within their hearts. No matter your age, gender identity, or your looks (even if you, like the artist self-identifies, look like a Monster), as long as you are alive you have the right to express your “KAWAII” through your “OTOME” soul.

b 1976 Shiga, Japan. Works in Tokyo.
He is both a comedian and a creator in Japan.

Selected Solo Exhibitions
2017 Super Cookie Land, Lafore Harajyuku, Tokyo, Japan
2017 BURST INTO FLAMES Open Memorial YASEIBAKUDAN COOKIE Exhibition, Nakameguro Green Hall, Tokyo, Japan

Additional Info:
I am the embodiment of “Bakemono” (Monster). But I believe that even those who look like me have the right to pursue “KAWAII.” This piece is for all the people who are afraid to embrace the “OTOME”(Young girl) that lives in everybody.

Contact Info:
Website: http://www.artrates.net/

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