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Artist Statement:
The dolls I make feature collages of colorful fabrics and non-fabric materials to express feelings and thoughts in a tangible way. The desire to create dolls that warm people’s hearts is at the core of my work. I originally worked with ball-jointed dolls with translucent porcelain skins seeking aesthetic perfection. By and by, however, I started to pursue the importance of projecting out the inner qualities contained in form, namely kindness and courage necessary on this plane for strangers to co-exist.

My creative process starts with making a stone clay form and arranging its shape by continual carving and polishing. Next, I cover the form with vintage fabrics and fabrics hand-dyed by me in a balanced manner. In order to express warmth that is not visible to the eyes, I carefully select materials that tell about the passage of time with grace. For instance, I combine traditional Japanese materials like kimono, obi, furoshiki, kumihimo and kanzashi with modern materials like glass and leather. By merging different times in this way, I achieve adaptability of the dolls to fit elegantly in modern space. I also shape them in interesting forms to give them a subtle charm, softness and warmth.

I hope to spread a wave of happiness through my dolls. One of them is entitled “Look Up into the Sky” and it came out of the idea of looking up to keep the heart from falling in drops, no matter what comes our way. I used zippers to express emotional liberation and chandelier glass to represent the dewdrops of the heart. I attend to my creative work, trusting that emotional richness and tolerance will lead to peace of mind and peace in our future, and doing my part by bringing smiles to the faces of many.

Artist Bio:
2017 Original Doll Exhibition Hankyu Department store Osaka Japan
2016 Original Doll Exhibition Gallery Sekiun Harajuku Tokyo Japan
2013 IWACO WORLD Hankyu Department store Osaka Japan
This planet is overflowing with@〇×△!! Gallery 80 Omotesando Tokyo Japan
2012 Call out from this earth Gallery 80 Omotesando Tokyo Japan
2011 This earth is pleasant Gallery 80 Omotesando Tokyo Japan
2010 We were born on this earth Gallery 80 Omotesando Tokyo Japan

2019 UNKNOWN ASIA Osaka Granfront Osaka Japan
2019 Dr.IWACO’s Science Fiction Exhibition Daimaru Department Museum Osaka Japan
2018-2019 Artexpo New York Pier94 New York USA
2018-2019 My favorite dolls Nagano Japan
2018 London Group exhibition Sway Gallery London UK
2017-2019 Original Japanese Doll Exhibition Gallery Bunkato Fukuoka Japan
2016-2019 Craft Art Original Doll Exhibition Osaka&Tokyo Japan
(2017, 2018, Jury prize)
(2019 Two Jury prizes)
2017 Misorogi Doll Exhibition GalleryMaruzen Tokyo Japan
2016 Art Stream (Jury prize) Osaka Japan
Team Koyala Original Doll Exhibition Tokyo Japan
2015 Iwatsuki Original Doll Exhibition (Jury prize) Saitama Japan
Doll Art Exhibition in Utukushima (Jury prize) Fukushima Japan
Japanese Contemporary Art Exhibition in Autumn Galerie Etiennede Cansan Paris France
2014 DOLL CREATIONS IN JAPAN Gallery EKI Kyoto Japan
2012 Doll Expo 2012 (Jury prize) Tokyo Japan
2009 Art Box Doll Exhibition (Jury prize) Tokyo Japan

2018 My favorite dolls (Original Doll Museum Nagano Japan)
2017 Osaka Cultural Summit 2017
International Washoku Forum Osaka Japan
2009-2010 Japanese comedians promotional doll Osaka Japan

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