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Artist Statement
I experience both joy and anxiety when I show my doll for the first time. I want my dolls to engage the spectators and invite them to ride on the wings of imagination and ponder on things like what is on its mind. Nothing makes me happier as well as more motivated than to know that my dolls can make people feel something. I hope to continue making one-of-a-kind dolls that only I can make and touch people’s hearts.

I mainly make dolls in fixed poses. Most of them are born out of my imagination and given form. The process is a difficult yet rewarding one. It is my joy to create dolls that express subtle emotions, tell stories, and stimulate people’s imaginations in ways that ball jointed dolls in changeable poses cannot. My goal is to make dolls that show warmth and gentleness, love and sorrow, and most of all, strength.

I usually use stone powder clay to form a doll’s body around a stainless skeleton. Once the body is shaped, I polish the surface thoroughly and prime it by applying several layers of a mixture containing acrylic gesso. Then, I paint the entire doll with oil colors and apply facial makeup to finish. When the doll is dry, I add hair to it. I choose from different hair materials including sugaito (untwisted raw silk threads), mohair, and cotton, to match the doll type. After the doll’s body is completed, I make the clothes and accessories like footwear and a bag to suit the doll’s image, all by hand. Nothing store-bought is used on the doll. It takes an enormous amount of time– as long as two months, to make each doll. Every doll that I complete is precious to me.

New York EXPO is the third participation since 2018. Last year, I sold 20 dolls and more than 3 paintings. There were very popular. Please get involved with my doll. I am very happy if you like it. Thank you.

Contact Info:
Instagram: shinke_satoko
Twitter: @okotas64

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