O Infinito by Fabi Cunha

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Artist Bio:
Fabiana Cunha, was born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, lives and works in Correas, RJ – inside the Serra dos Orgãos National Park.

She is an intuitive, self taught artist and painter. From her first exhibition in 2001, her art has traveled across territories as distinct as Slovakia and the Republic of China, the United States, Germany, Hungary and, of course, Brazil, in eighteen individual exhibitions.

She uses different techniques, sketching, collage, painting, photography, and mixed media. She opted for acrylic paint, as well as natural pigments such as turmeric, urucum, and others, supplying the eventual need to lend volume and texture to her works through the use of collage of paper, and leaves. She specializes in paintings of flora and fauna.

She has integrated the use of organic foliage to create the most progressive representation of her work seen yet. In her latest collection called “Impressões da Mata Atlântica”, she brings forward her creativity to embody the stunning array of colors and light shades of the Atlantic Rainforest that outlines the coast of Brazil.

Contact Info:
Website: https://www.instagram.com/fabicunha8/
Website: http://www.atelierwithoutborders.org

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