It's All Good by Jael Klein Coaracy

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Artist Bio:
Jael Klein Coaracy is a Brazilian who moved to New York in 2015 where she became a full-time artist.  In Brazil she had a career as a Psychologist as well as a published author. She wrote for the major Brazilian television network and curated cultural projects for one National Brazilian Institution. Jael graduated with degrees in Journalism and Psychology, has a post-graduate degree in Cognitive-behavior Psychology with a Neuroscience approach.

Poetry, dreams, soul landscapes and imagination are her core inspirations. Jael believes that beauty heals and that in a world made of anxiety and struggles, we all should have a place of peace, calmness and serenity in which to rest and dream. Her art reminds us of the existence of such a place.

Currently living in Florida, her works of choice are mixed media and acrylic painting, digital experiments and some photography.

Van Gogh, Odilon Redon, Kandinsky, Matisse, Joan Mitchell, are some of the artists  she most admires.

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