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Born in 1982 in Zielona Gora, city located in West Poland, not far from the German border and Berlin, Bogumil Hoder has lived and worked in the region that has a difficult and complicated history. Also the year of his birth was one of the saddest and hardest ones in the history of his country after the world war II, but this didn’t break his parents, who taught him to fight for himself and to defend against adversities. He shared good and bad times with his younger brother, who helped him in first stages of many processes leading to become artist. He doesn’t remember the time when he started to paint and draw, as well as he can’t recall a moment when he got interested in world, science, astronomy and culture. It has grown with him through whole life. In addition simple prose of life has made him become an individual, modern artist, as he is today. The most important were observations of life and interactions with the surrounding people, important events and meetings, stories told by grandparents and parents, films, books and music. Although it is easy to describe the artist’s favorite styles and interests, which generally is the modern magic/science fiction realism, he still experiments with new topics and connections of traditional and digital arts. After art studies and receiving the Master of Art degree in 2007 he has had to combine ordinary daily jobs with art, what has hardened him in being well organized. Nothing could has stopped him from carrying out many important painting projects, which was underlined by receiving in 2011 The First Prize on the international competition of the painting and graphics “Natale di Roma” in Rome, Italy. He plans new paintings in the same complex way he makes life or travel plans and in comparable style the filmmakers make movies and whose work he admires much. The real revolution in his life has happened since meeting with his wife Angelika, who has encouraged him to travel and to open mind. Life isn’t easy, but certainly is fascinating, more and more every day. Bogumil Hoder loves challenges, he is still striving to achieve better results in artistic and technical areas of his art. He loves classical art craft, developed and enriched using the newest achievements in the visual arts, as well as the computer composing and modeling with the use of digital graphics, including advanced 3d computer graphics. Many experiences he gathered traveling and organizing European exhibitions have led him to the United States and the most important art dream – New York City. Now he stands before making his dream come truth together with wife and little son Ambrose. What is going to be next? Nobody knows. For now…

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Modern visual artist living and creating for new challenges and horizons, Bogumil Hoder comes from Poland to the United States to make his art dream come truth in New York City. Mostly paints the surrealistic fantasy or science fiction visions, but to create them he doesn’t limit himself and uses wide variety of technical capabilities, such as advanced 3d computer graphic modeling and photography. Loving classical oil painting art craft, he admires at the same time many modern artists, filmmakers and game makers who inspire him to search and discover new areas he can implement to his canvases. Fascinated in the world and astronomy, he takes from life as much as he can by learning about the different cultures and scientific discoveries without shunning from fantasy and science fiction. Awarded in 2011 with the First Prize on the international competition of the painting and graphics “Natale di Roma” in Rome, Italy. After taking part in many European exhibitions and events, Bogumil Hoder makes intercontinental jump overseas to show his art, to get to know new interesting personalities and to take new inspirations broadening horizons of life and art in every possible meaning.

Bogumil Hoder’s main interests oscillate around the areas of widely known culture, but mostly visual arts, film and music. The most important for him is oil painting, which he develops lessoning to the film music. He is a collector of a big amount of albums of the best world class film music composers such as Ennio Morricone, Hans Zimmer or John Williams. The most important scientific disciplines for him are astronomy and physics. He can’t afford not to read and collect knowledge about different cultures and history. He travels, photographs and gathers inspiration wherever he appears, he loves to meet and talk with new interesting people. Although he rather prefers to discover what is behind the horizon, he observes what surrounds him in a close distance and how does this influence on him. The art aesthetics he likes much are fantasy, science fiction destructive and psychological areas of human mind. The most important role in his becoming an artist played the works of the Polish artist Zdzislaw Beksinski, but now Bogumil Hoder discovers many great modern creators, who inspire him how they work as well as how they live in combination with the knowledge about the art craft of the old masters. The best word to describe his personality is “challenge”.

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