Immersion 1 by Brunella Costa

Booth #1302

Artist Bio:
Brunella Costa is a photographer based in Miami, FL. Born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, her passion began in her early childhood while observing her father and his old Canon AE1 camera, heavy to hold and complicated to handle; it was the first introduction to the photographic world. This affective experience inspired her and led her to work with her biggest passion.

Her desire to express her sublime view of the world has taken her to environments that are diverse and inspiring. From the slums of Brazil to the natural beauty of Thailand, through the vastness of the Atacama Desert and to the awe-inspiring woods of Wyoming are just some of the places where her works originate. Her keen and minimalistic work attempts to inspire others to observe nature’s beauty in its most delicate details and powerful meanings.

Additional Info:
In her Immersion series, Brunella is inspired by the vivid colors, iridescence and movements of Betta Fishes. She immerses herself into the beauty of these delicate creatures to capture details that usually aren’t’ seen by the naked eyes. In a minimalist way, she abstracts nature into a beautiful work of art.

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