Undefined by Wilfer Buitrago

Booth #1231

Artist Bio:
Wilfer Buitrago, began to discover and apply his passion for art from a very early age. He has always admired the perfectly imperfect aspects of human anatomy, allowing him to characterize his work through the nude human body and the materials naturally altered by time and interaction. Within his creations, Maestro Bugo transmits not only his feelings and experiences but the strengths and vulnerabilities of humans.

His artistic search for identity and style lead him to work with many metals and sculpting materials. His ingenuity and curiosity have pushed him to create and develop his unique sculpting clay, giving him immense artistic versatility, enacting his ability to interlock history while creating art that would  be different to any other artist. In his modern artwork, Maestro Bugo enjoys mixing different materials, shapes, and colors with all that the human body offers.

Medellín, Colombia is his birth town. Today, and for over 20 years, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania has been his home and the place where has continued to create and develop his skills. Maestro Bugo is a man of few words who uses art and his sculptures as his preferred way of communication.

Contact Info:
Website: http://www.bugoandazzurro.com

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