Paura (Fear)by Yes Gomez

Booth #1231

Artist Bio:
Yesid Gomez, is a Contemporary Visual Artist, with a philosophical concept that transforms colors into poetically surreal shapes and movements, forming a colorful mix of metaphors and life-like compositions.

Perhaps, thinking of childhood and more recent memories of idle drifting freedom that more often seems to elude us in adulthood, Maestro Azzurro remembers dreams, people, and the color of youth in his native Colombia, South America.

In his youth, while growing in the colorful and Andino city of Medellin, Colombia, Maestro Azzurro immersed himself in the sounds, smells, tastes, and feels of his home life. Art was the  motivation to start an artistic career at an early age pushing him to get away from the struggle and violence that young men experienced at that time. He wanted to replicate what he saw and felt by painting in the streets where he realized that art would become an extension of his expression for life.

Today, Maestro Azzurro has come full circle by drawing and creating upon both real and imaginary experiences, a visual delight of form, texture, and reflection.

“I believe that the power of art can create solutions to many of our problems. Art brings people together, the symbolism and the belief of the idea will cause people to reflect on the message of peace, making the world a better place for all of us”   Yesid Gomez.

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