Fossil Rainbow by Cherisse Mia

Booth #188

Artist Bio:
Cherisse Mia is crazy about rocks, gemstones and fossils so it was with a cosmic collision that this great passion ‘brushed’ away the old and created a new kind of art, gemstone art, “Art on Crack”. She has found the secret to combining her greatest passions into one lovely mess.

Alberta ammonite, an ancient and extinct cephalopod, or nautilus, fossilized with an iridescent shell, is the secret ingredient to making her art absolutely unique. She is the only artist in the world putting Alberta ammolite on canvas and the unique, bright, rainbow, opalized, metallic colors in Alberta ammolite are found nowhere else.

Her goal is to make each abstract painting with a depth and beauty that would be a wonderful work of art even without any gemstones. When she does add the gemstones over the mixed media and resin, it takes the painting to an entirely new dimension. Jewels should not be sitting in a box, they should be out where you can enjoy them every day, “Jewelry for Walls”, she believes.

Cherisse is a self taught artist, taking three years to do full time self-directed art studies after raising three children. Born in Washington, USA and spending time in the mountains of Wyoming before moving to Canada as a pre-teen, she was surrounded by the beauty of nature and its imprint can be seen and felt in her work. From the very ground beneath her feet she pulls the raw materials, digging, cutting, grinding and polishing, preserving and repurposing she fashions something completely new.

When she isn’t out in the Alberta wilds hunting for ammonite, she is creating art full time in her Calgary studio.

Additional Info:
The ammonite is an ancient mollusk that lived in the oceans that once covered this land millions of years ago and sometimes reached sizes of up to three feet across. In the process of fossilization, minerals replaced the shell and created an opalized metallic colorful mess with hues ranging from red, orange and yellow to green, blue and purple. The resulting gemstone is called ammolite and is only found with these beautiful bright colors in Alberta Canada. Each piece of raw fossil is carefully resined and cut on a tile saw into slices before being incorporated into the fine art piece in a mosaic of abstract glory. The unique qualities of the ammonite are reflected in the individual pieces of stone, each an art masterpiece all on its own. Stare into the depths of the gemstone and imagine worlds, eons of time past, a story so curious, so grand, and so devastating it can only be told in the medium of abstract art.

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