Harvest I by Chris Worfold

Booth #1009


Artist Bio:

Chris Worfold is a Brisbane based, Australian artist. He has an extensive exhibition history and has exhibited internationally in Taipei, Seoul, Paris and New York. He is a Senior Lecturer in Visual Art at TAFE Queensland Brisbane | University of Canberra and he is currently engaged in PhD studies in hybrid arts practice at Queensland University of Technology.

Additional Info:

Chris Worfold is both a superb draughtsman and technician but that’s not what the works are all about. His innate and well-trained skills are put to work exploring visual possibilities and paradoxes. There is a fecund imagination at work here drawing from a deep knowledge of the art and history of easel painting. Seemingly irreverent and matter of fact, his work concentrates on finding the essence of both the images used and the methods employed to realize them. He plays delightful visual and intellectual games through hybridization, contrasting scale and the manipulation of the picture plane. He persistently reminds us we are indeed looking painted surfaces while dazzling us with his precise image making ability. His brush is both searching and precise coupled with a strong grasp of the power of colour. Worfold’s work continues to pay homage to the great traditions of art making inspired and fueled by his great skill, talent and imagination.  – David Seibert

Contact Info:
Website: http://www.showarts.com.au/

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