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Artist Statement:
Hello, my name is Claudine BERTRAND, I’ve been drawing animals my whole life..

I have always been attracted by drawing. I started very young with pencils and then coloured pencils.

Penciling on occasion has always been a part of my life since I was very young… One day, I discovered the technique of pastel with sticks and pencils…
Everything fitted together, I was already applying the pastel technique without knowing it.

I am selected and participate in local festivals and exhibitions. I draw portrait, landscapes.

Very quickly I return to animals. More expressive, more alive.
I work from photographs. Asking an animal to keep the pose for several hours is a bit complicated, especially for a wild animal…

My daughter is a veterinary assistant, and also an amateur animal photographer. She provides me with the models I need.

Friends have advised me to participate in Artexpo. I hesitated and then I said to myself why not? And the New York adventure began.

Additional Info:
Usually I always use colours in brown, black, ochre, sienna to draw the animals. I didn’t use bright colours much. I thought there must be an animal somewhere with a lot of colours. I searched. I found parrots, fish. But the most original was the CALAO. An amazing animal isn’t it!?!

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