Spirit by Mei Han

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Artist Bio:
Motivational Bronze Art
As a successful entrepreneur in her 20s, Mei Han’s business acumen and zest for international experience led her to become a senior director with multinational corporations in the UK and Canada.

Mei Han has a passion for sculpture for more than 20 years. Touched by Tony Robbins, Elon Musk and all those who positively change people’s lives, she decided to motivate people in her own way by unleashing her passion and talent through her beautiful and unique bronze sculptures. Each piece of her “Touch Your Soul” collection delivers a powerful motivational message that inspires individual excellence and the pursuit of success.  The creative artist in Mei Han eventually flourished.

Mei Han resides and creates in Montreal Canada, and inspires internationally.

• Mei Han’s work [Love] in red was collected by the Canadian High Commission, London in 2017
• Her first exhibit won wide attention and praise at ArtExpo New York in 2018

Additional Info:
I associate positive values with the characters of animal, sports etc., for example, Vision, Eagles have keen vision can detect prey up to 3.2 km away; Fearless, panther is not afraid to challenge bigger animal who has tremendous courage. Love for lions couple, because in animal world, lions are family originated, they have high emotional quality to support each other. A lion’s roar can be heard from 8km away, so here I encourage people to speak out your love loudly!”

This is just the beginning, I have endless passion to create endless “touch your soul” motivational bronze art to bring you wisdom, courage, and inspiration.”

Contact Info:
Website: http://www.courantvert.com

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