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Artist Bio:
The Golden Age series consists two-dimensional paintings and three-dimensional sculptures. In the exhibition, the three-dimensional sculptures, made by scrap of window materials, are the exhibition of the flat graphic paintings.

Creative concept: 30 years of Use of The Unused and Resurrection
The Golden Age series is telling the life process. life is a process of combining fragments. It is equivalent to the combination of point, line and surface in an artistic creation. As the progression of time, the individual artistic practice is continuously injected with new forms and spirits to generate new life. For example: regarding to the idea of “Reincarnation”, everything in the real world is reincarnating.

Lin Shih Pao started to create the series, “Use of the Unused, Resurrection, Collection of Spirits” 30 years ago.

He has been collecting used and discarded items from people. These items were once the carriers of the wisdom and emotions of their owners. Lin uses the collected items to be the major materials for his artworks. He loves the artistic creation through this unique process of collecting and repurposing. He names this art practice, “The March of Silent Peace.” The artwork is not only the creation of the artist. Through his work, Lin intends to share the messages to his audience: Love, peace, cherish everything we have, recycle and repurpose the waste materials for the protection of our environments.

Artist Statement:
Contemporary art creates another new tradition
I am the resident artist at the factory of Crystal Window & Door System for one year. During my year-long residence there, I saw the window and the door themselves as a kind of creation. I am moved by the hands of the seasoned window-makers. Their hands are like the eyes and the hearts, full of warmth and dedication. They use their hands to create the value of life. In the high-tech era we live in, the craftsmanship is a unique cultural heritage. The handmade contemporary art creates new tradition by the simplest and the sincerest hands.

Art is life, passion and perseverance. Creating my artwork in the factory gives birth to my philosophy that simple and sincere hands are the exist for the creative ideas and energy to be let out to others. Hands can express the most beautiful and radiant thing in my life, art. It is the special essence of life.

I extended the two-dimensional paintings to three-dimensional sculptures in the Gold Age series. The glowing force within me merges the natural and manmade elements to create a state of harmony of heaven and earth.

The subtle relationship between rationality and sensibility of art and science
“Square outside but round inside” is the most commonly used symbol in my creation. Circle is a dream that symbolizes perfection and contains all things in the universe. There is no beginning nor end in a circle. Circle is a metaphor of moving towards an infinite realm. It implies the upward development and expansion to four directions, the east, the west, the north and the south.

The basic shape, square outside round inside, contains a mysterious energy between now and the past, between heaven and earth. This mysterious charm and the law of nature is always around us from ancient philosophy to Western science. The feel of the beauty of the powerful force is transformed into my personal aesthetics. It produces the vitality of life, which transcends the past, the present and the future time and space, creates a state in which everything is auspicious and harmonious.

Artist History:
1962 Born in Taiwan.
1978 Began his career as an artist.
1979-1982 Received an award at the National Art exhibition every year.
1985 “A Day in the Life of Lin, Shih-pao” broadcast by China Television, Taiwan.
1986 Moved to Japan.
Held solo Exhibition (Tokyo).
1987 Received an award at the Exposition “France-Japan” Salon Comparaisons.
Received an award at the National Grand Prix Exhibition.
Received an award at the International Ink-painting Exhibition.
1988 Received an award at the Asian Modern Art Exhibition.
Received an award at the National Ink-painting Grad Prix Exhibition.
Held solo Exhibition (Toyama).
1989 Received an award at the Exposition “France-Japan” Salon Comparaisons.
Received an award at the Asian Modern Art Exhibition.
Received an award at the National Ink-painting Grad Prix Exhibition.
Held solo Exhibition (Tokyo).
Traveled in France, Spain, Germany, Holland and Austria.
Erected a “Statue for World Peace”.
1990 Exhibited at the 22nd Nitten, Japanese Painting Section on his first submission.
Held solo Exhibition (Nagoya,Taiwan).
1991 Received an award at the Exposition “France-Japan” Salon Comparaisons.
1992 Received an award at the Exposition “France-Japan” Salon Comparaisons.
Received an award at the National Masterpiece Exhibition.
Held solo Exhibition (Kasugai,Nagoya).
1993 Received major award for modern Japanese cultural arts.
Moved to New York from Japan.
Held solo exhibition at Taipei City Art Museum.
1994 Held solo exhibition to commemorate the opening of Takashimaya in Taipei.
1995 Held solo exhibition in New York.
1996 Held solo exhibition in Canada.
Completed studies at graduate school of New York University.
1997 Completed the Million pennies statue “Peace March”.
1998 Held rotating exhibition in New York, Taipei and Japan.
Donated Million pennies to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the founding of Hiroshima University.
1999 Received New York modern art media award.
2000 Received award as outstanding Asian artist in New York.
Held solo exhibition at National Dr. Sun Yat-Sen memorial hall “Wedding March”.
2001 Held solo exhibition at Fukuoka City Art Museum (Japan).
2002 Held solo exhibition in New York.
Autobiography “ Peace March: A Penny Story of Lin, Shih Pao ” was issued.
2003 Held solo exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art, Saitama(Japan).
2004 Held the exhibition at the Queens Museum of Art “Clothing & Eating”(New York).
2005 Performed with people “Gate of Wisdom” made with 300,000 used pens at the 2005 EXPO JAPAN.
2006 “Peace March Ⅲ “Christmas Love Tree” made with 200,000 pacifiers and performed with people in Fukuoka-city of Japan
2007 Held solo exhibition “Heavenly Timing, Earthly Advantage, Human Harmony:
Infinity ∞” at Queens Crossing Art in New York
2008 Placed the sculpture “Heavenly Timing, Earthly Advantage, Human Harmony:
Infinity ∞” in New York
2009 “ Dream Castle” and “ Tiger” made with 15,000 metro cards in New York
2010 “Christmas Love TreeⅡ”made with 12,000 plastic bottles and performed with people in New York
2011 Solo exhibition “Please help to pass a dream” at Gallery456 in New York
2011 Award from UN of America as the Earth Friendly Artist
2012 Performed with Taiwan community in NY “Please help to pass a dream”
2013 January – March Performed with people “Text go ahead Fly up” in Taiwan
2013 May  Performed and created with workmen “ Sun in Action” at Union Square in New York City
2013 Performed calligraphy at John Jay College in New York City
2014 May  Performed and created with workmen “The Pink “Like” Car” at Union Square in New York City
2014 October – November Solo exhibition “Tribute to the life and nature” in Taiwan
2014 October 31st~ December 15th  Performed “The Pink “Like” Car” all around in Taiwan
2015 “F1(Future Number 1) Like Car: Contradiction to the great invention” made with 25,000 used cell phones in Taiwan
2016 “A Story of an Artist Lin, Shih-pao” broadcast by Taiwan Public Television.
2017 Autobiography “ Sequel of the Story of An Artist Lin, Shih Pao” has been issued.
2018 Solo exhibition “The GOLDEN AGE ” at EL BARRIO’S ARTSPACE P.S.109 in New York

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